Sunday, January 01, 2012

My Word of the Year is. . .

Writers are all about words; how you put them together in a sentence; how those words blend together to convey a thought or feeling. So it’s not surprising that an article by a brilliant writer on the process of selecting one word that would be a touchstone for the year to come would make such an impact on the writer in me.

The first time I did this a few years back, I knew instantly what my word would be--I’d been struggling to finish my book and figured it might take an act of Congress(and we know how SLOW those guys are!) to get it done. So it didn’t take a

rocket scientist to know I needed PERSEVERANCE. I mean, it made sense--I needed something to put my backside in a chair and write, and amazingly enough, having that word pushed me toward finishing my novel and eventually publication.

This year, I’ve been having trouble coming up with a word to focus on. Not sure why, really--I’ve spent more time with my dictionary this year than I have some of my oldest friends. I’ve prayed about it, thought about it and yet, that special word alluded me. Finally, like any writer who gets stuck, I ‘brainstormed’ with my husband and as I talked about what I hoped to accomplish this year, my word became very clear.


Now, that may seem like an odd word to focus on, but the more I thought and prayed about about it, it seemed perfect. I want so much to work on my relationships--with my God, with my family and friends. With my editor(who is the absolute BEST!) and fellow writers because if Hillary Clinton thought it took a village to raise a child, I’m here to tell you it takes a group of talented people to help a person put together a book.

And with my readers. I want you to know me, to pray for this writing ministry God has pressed upon my heart. So every Monday and Thursday, I’ll be blogging on a wide range of subjects from the craft of writing to watching your kids fly the coup and everything in between.

The good, the bad and the funny.


Carrie Turansky said...

Relationships is a great word and concept to focus on this year! That's what really matters. Enjoy all those precious people in your life.
Happy New Year,

Critty Joy (Christy) said...

What a wonderful word! And something so wonderful to focus on this year. I imagine if we focus on relationships intentional it would be forever changing in our lives and our hearts :)