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With each passing new year, I've made a list of resolutions. Sometimes, I do okay like last year, when I made the decision to write at least 4 hours every day. But for every one I manage to complete, there are others I don't even come close to achieving like dropping enough poundage to fit into last year's jeans.

So this year, I've taken up the practice of picking out a word that can sum up what I would like to accomplish in 2011. And trust me, it was hard. Being a wordsmith, narrowing down the vast words to one word was next to impossible. I mean, ONE WORD! Gracious Gravy, how can one person make that kind of selection. But one word kept coming to mind and I can only think it was God who placed it in my heart. My word for the year is:


Some people may wonder about my choice. But each time I prayed, I heard the words of the old hym, 'Turn your eyes upon Jesus, Look full in his wonderful face.'

So that's what I want to do--focus on Jesus, on my relationship…