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Review: Her Patchwork Family by Lyn Cote

When Felicity Gabriel inherits a mansion, she decides to turn it into a home for orphans. But her first charges test her resolve: one child is a thief, suspicious of her kindness; the other is the local judges traumatized daughter.

Broken by war, Judge Tyrone Hawkins is devastated when his little girl runs from him to Felicity. But Felicity’s courage despite the town’s scorn for her orphanage and her caring way with his daughter restore his lost faith. Now he wonders if they all can find the family they seek. . .just in time for Christmas.

I’ve got to admit—I’m a sucker for a holiday romance and Lyn Cote doesn’t disappoint with this second installment of the Gabriel Sisters series. The story is a lovely tale of one woman’s desire to help those left orphaned after the Civil War while discovering the love of her life. I thoroughly enjoyed getting acquainted with Felicity and Ty--I liked them so much, I took them to my mother-in-law’s for Christmas!--as well as the secondary characters of …