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10 Things You May Not Know. . .

As I've mentioned in my post Monday, I'm focusing on the relationships in my life this year and part of that process is getting to know each other. A lot of folks have problems with that--anytime you have to reveal yourself to someone, you run the risk of being rejected. Not that I've ever worried about that--I figure if you like me, great! And if you don't--well, there's just not that much I can do to change your mind.

So in an effort to reveal the 'real' me, I borrowed an idea I saw in a weekly magazine where you share twenty-five things most people probably wouldn't know about you. But I'll only stick you with ten for right now. So without further delay. . .


1) Math has never been my strong suit. Whoever thought up the idea for the calculator must have had me in mind.

2) In high school, the librarian accused me to stealing a copy of Louisa May Alcott's 'Rose in Bloom' because a) she knew Alcott was my favorite author and b) I was the only person to ever check it out in the school's history. It had been misplaced on the shelf.

3) I didn't know how to turn on a computer until my oldest daughter taught me in the Fall of 1997. Up until then, the closest I would get to it was to watch
my husband play games on it.

4) I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior on the Fourth of July. My very own Independence Day!

5) I have a soft spot for campy TV detective shows--Remington Steel, Moonlighting and (of course!) Castle are among my all time favorites!

6) For my thirteenth birthday, my uncle pierced my ears using a piece of ice, an apple sliced in half and a sewing needle. Not a pretty sight!

7) My first job after graduating high school was in the county morgue. Enough said!

8) I asked my husband to marry me three hours into our very first date! We married fifteen months later and have been together for almost 29 years now.

9) All of my first drafts are written longhand because there's something about the feel of a pen in my hand and the sound of a new notebook being opened for the first time that gives my imagination free reign.

10) I'm a newspaper hound. After I finish my devotionals in the morning, it's not unusual for me to read five to six newspapers every day. And yes, the comic strips are still my favorite part of the paper.


Joanne Bischof said…
Fun learning a little more about you, Patty :)

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