Friday, May 16, 2008

New Computer Blues

My laptop died this week. And anyone who's a writer and is living on a deadline knows that that's not a good thing.

So between hours of writing my manuscript long-hand and putting out the fires that are my daughters' lives, I did some quick reseach on laptops. Some had all the bells and whistles, stuff I didn't need in my line of work. And some didn't have enough stuff to keep me going into the next three months, much less the next three years. The funny thing is that I seemed to know more about computers than I gave myself credit for. I even taught the manager of Circuit City the copyright rules for Office 2007. So maybe I'm not as tech-ignorant as I thought.

But the biggest problem is transferring everything from my old computer into this one. I felt good just getting back to my blog site without messing up.

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