Monday, May 19, 2008

Monday, Monday

After a weekend of catching up with my husband--he travels quite a bit for his job--and loading everything into my new computer system, I'm looking forward to today. Yes, it's another busy one but I'm on a writing tear right now that is so encouraging and for a writer who has lived the last few years wondering what the heck she's doing trying to write, it's an amazing feeling.

One thing that helped my attitude was church Saturday night. We're doing a series on David and the pastor was pointing out all the ways that David had to prepare for the throne of Israel. He didn't become king overnight, but grew into the position with the help of wiser, more experienced people like Samuel. That's much like it is with writing--you don't become a good writer overnight but with study and the help of people who have already traveled the road you're on.

I just thank the Lord for putting those people in my life--folks like Christine Lynxwiler and Tracey Batemen who 'held my hand' when I was taking my baby steps into this world of writing, Lynette Sowell for gently correcting my early projects and Sandra Moore for being my sounding board. Even if I never get published, they've given me so much and I want to thank them for it.

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Christine Lynxwiler said...

Hey Patty! I'm thankful for you too! Your crits always helped so much. I'm glad to see you blogging. :) I'll be checking back regularly. Oh, and thanks for buying Along Came a Cowboy! ~ Hugs, Chris