Friday, June 06, 2014

Paw Prints

Our wooden floors were filthy and in desperate need of a good sream cleaning. But I was hesitate as I studied the smudged little paw prints scattered like memories across the pine slants. Cleaning the floor meant wiping the last physical evidence of our nine year old Yorkie, Gizmo from our home.

Our sweet boy passed away earlier this week after a short but devastating illness that robbed him of energetic zest for life. I'll miss the sound of his little nails clicking against the floor as he ran to the door to greet me. The twitch of his paws as he 'chased that rabbit' in his sleep. His warm body cuddled up against me while we lay on the couch, watching TV.

Truth is, Gizzy's paw prints can't ever be wiped away--they're forever imprinted on my heart.

Question: Have you ever had a special pet?

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