Monday, October 05, 2009

Day One--Seekerville's Book in a Week

Today has been long but very productive. It started with a quick glance through my emails, seven newspapers I read every day and a visit to Seekerville for Camy Tang's words of wisdom on turning off that pesky internal editor. I got to say--while I like blogs and sometimes can put bits of information for them, Camy's article on letting that creative side of your brain have full rein while you're getting that first draft down really opened my eyes. Thanks, Camy!

And I've found that working in an office away from the house really helps me get going. I took Dan up on his offer to use a deserted desk at his office--I got more done in those two hours than in the last two days! It was nice to walk in, shut the down and not have the dog scratching to go outside or my daughters texting me for some reason or another. I found out this evening Dan like having me there too.

I promised I would post my word counts each day for anyone who follows my blog(which isn't very many.) I'm very happy with what I wrote today(along with the eight patients I recruited for my latest study.) The final total for Monday is 2454 words, almost 450 words over my goal!

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